Damien Inferno
Damien inferno
Billing information
Height 6 ft. 10 in.
Weight 278 lbs.
Billed From 16px Austin, Texas
Theme Music ""Leaving All Behind" by Cellador
Affiliation(s) None
Brand Ammunition
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style Hardcore Technical Brawler
Finisher '"Your Worst Nightmare"' (Fireman's carry with an F5 style toss and a GTS style knee to the head)

Damien Inferno is an American professional e-wrestler currently signed to Full Metal Wrestling on it's Ammunition brand, and is currently one-half of the reigning FMW Tag Team Champions alongside tag team partner, Nicholas Gray.

Early lifeEdit

Most people remember the ass hole that was a member of the tag team, Danse Macabre, the guys who should have been the tag champs. They also probably remember the injury he sustained at the hands of Eric Scorpio in a match also involving his own tag team partner, Gabriel Crow.

What they might not know is the path Damien followed afterward. They don't know how after the healing process, Damien found himself coming into strange. . . abilities. They don't know of how he banished the demon who had possessed him back to hell, or how in doing so he created for his brother David, formerly yet another inhabitant of Damien's mindscape, a body of his own. They also don't know any of the bullshit he's had to endure since. But they probably do know what he's looking for:



Coming soon.

In WrestlingEdit

  • Primary Finisher
    • The Curse (Setup for a Burning Hammer, flipped and dropped into a cutter)
  • Secondary Finisher
    • Fuckin' Macho (Elbow Drop from the top rope with theatrics)
    • Submit, Motherfucker! (While the opponent is face down, Damien applies a combination of a chickenwing on one arm and a half nelson on the other, then locks his hands together to torque the shoulders.)
    • Your Worst Nightmare (A fireman's carry with an F5 style toss and a GTS style knee-lift to the head; used as a last resort)
    • Welcome to My Nightmare (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Favorite moves
    • Hell's Guillotine (Swinging Fisherman Suplex)
    • Any and all Suplexes
    • Running Boot to the head
    • Death Valley Driver
    • Otherwise, writer's discretion
  • Will
    • Do the right thing.
    • Insult everyone, including his friends.
    • Cuss. A lot.
    • Be loyal to his friends
    • Use weapons, mostly in hardcore matches, regular matches if he won't get caught, or when attacking someone he really dislikes.
    • Cheat when necessary
    • Challenge Authority
  • Won't
    • Fear an opponent.
    • Do drugs, drink, or smoke.
    • Tap out. He would rather pass out.
  • Theme Music
    • "Leaving All Behind" by Cellador

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

Match RecordEdit

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Full Metal Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
Together Demons
The Gray Inferno (Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray)
Ultimatum III - Current
Succeeded by: