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FMW Ammunition is a professional e-wrestling division for Full Metal Wrestling (FMW) that currently broadcasts from the Full Metal Wrestling website. Ammunition is the home of the C-4 Division Championship and is accompanied on FMW programming by two other divisions, Distortion and Corruption.

FMW formerly produced two branded shows, Anarchy and Alchemy, with a third brand, Anxiety, temporarily joining them in Cycles 5 and 6 of programming. In July 2009, however, it was announced that four new divisions (one of which has since folded) would replace the branded shows. Ammunition, one of these four divisions, is considered the descendant of the late Alchemy brand, featuring the same blue colour scheme.



Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
FMW Championship TyranT January 5, 2010 Death Row III
FMW C-4 Division Championship Drew Michaels January 27, 2010 Ammunition 10.1



Tag Teams and StablesEdit

  • Danse Macabre (Gabriel Crow & Damien Inferno)


Wrestler From To For Date
Black Marcus Distortion Ammunition N/A August 12, 2009
RAMPAGE! Free Agent Ammunition N/A August 20, 2009
Dallas Roland NEW Ammunition N/A August 20, 2009
Butters Ammunition Distortion N/A August 20, 2009
Leon Caprice Ammunition Distortion N/A August 21, 2009
The Technician, Xen X. Xander Ignition Ammunition N/A November 1, 2009
Alex Macey, Brandon Allain NEW Ammunition N/A November 1, 2009
Eric Ares, Christopher McEllens, Kaoru Free Agent Ammunition N/A December 20, 2009
Alex Van Osbourne Free Agent Ammunition N/A January 3, 2010
TyranT Distortion Ammunition N/A February 1, 2010
Butters Distortion Ammunition Axel Van Osborne March 2, 2010

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