The FMW Draft is a draft process used by Full Metal Wrestling to provide new brand competition and to refreshen its rosters. The Draft was first used in 2006 to separate the entire roster into two distinct brands, Alchemy and Anarchy. In 2007, the draft was used to bring in rookie talent from the folded New Era Wrestling. After The Resistance vanquished Original Sin during the Full Metal War, the Draft was re-introduced in 2008 to re-draft the entire roster.


Year Brands Notes
2006 Alchemy
Due to the rapid success of FMW, the decision was made to split the entire roster into two distinct e-wrestling brands, Alchemy and Anarchy. FMW CEO Jaro and Vice President Zuzu drafted superstars to Alchemy and Anarcy respectively. Dr. David Diabolical was acquired by Alchemy as the first overall pick, and FMW Champion Ethan Black was acquired by Anarchy as its first pick in the draft. After the draft, Phantom Lord revealed that he had taken Zuzu's FMW stock and named himself as Anarchy's general manager.
2007 Alchemy
After FMW CEO Jaro revealed himself as the mastermind behind Original Sin, he immediately folded New Era Wrestling (NEW) and created Anxiety as FMW's third brand. The rookies from NEW were selected among the three brands. Skyler Striker was selected by Anxiety as the first overall pick.
2008 Alchemy
After The Resistance defeated Original Sin at Lethal Injection to win the Full Metal War, Original Sin was forced to disband. The following night, Resistance spokesman Nick Bryson announced that Anxiety would fold, and that FMW would witness a Rebirth with the entire FMW roster being re-drafted between Alchemy and Anarchy.

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