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FMW Ignition was a division in the Full Metal Wrestling e-fed. Though it was short lived, Ignition was defined by two seperate Full Metal Championship matches.

Ignition was criticized as the weak link of FMW, mainly because of how many injuries happened whiltrying to show off talents. Nobody knows if Ignition will be relaunched since the FMW Television Championship became tri-divisional.


At 9.1, MASS Caesar battled O'Rion in what was dubbed as O'Rion's last match. Alex O'Rion also saw his Full Metal Championship reign end as quickly as it had begun, losing to Hostyle.

Other than the Full Metal Championship, Ignition was highlighted by the FMW Television Championship. After champion O'Rion left following 9.1, the #1 Contender's match at 9.2 was then turned into Television match, which was won by former FMW Ultraviolent Champion War Machine. Before the division was canceled forcefully by FMW Commissioner Christian G. Smitten, War Machine successfully defended the belt once and started a feud with Seth Omega.

Final ChampionEdit

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
FMW Television Championship War Machine 09-29-09 Ignition 9.2


General ManagerEdit

  • Dennis Williamson

Final RosterEdit

Tag Teams and StablesEdit


Wrestler From To For Date
Nick Bryson Distortion Ignition Koldan Izmaylov August 12, 2009
Apostasy Distortion Ignition N/A August 12, 2009
Seth Omega Distortion Ignition Slegnadamus September 8, 2009
Hostyle Ignition FMW N/A November 1, 2009
Flare Ignition Corruption N/A November 1, 2009
War Machine Ignition Distortion N/A November 1, 2009
Seth Omega Ignition Corruption N/A November 1, 2009
Apostasy Ignition Distortion N/A November 1, 2009
The Technician Ignition Ammunition N/A November 1, 2009
Xen X. Xander Ignition Ammunition N/A November 1, 2009

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