FMW Ultraviolent Championship
Champion The Celt
Date won March 13, 2011
eFederation Full Metal Wrestling
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Date created November 16, 2006
Also known as Full Metal Ultraviolent Championship
First champion War Machine
Most reigns Jaro (2 Reigns)
Defenses Jaro (7 defenses)
Longest reign Jaro (388 days)
Shortest reign X (37 days)<

The FMW Ultraviolent Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). It is contested for in FMW's Corruption division.

Ultraviolent rulesEdit

The title is contested under ultraviolent rules, which means:

  • No Disqualifications: All weapons and interference are legal.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Pinfalls and submissions do not have to take place in the ring.
  • No Holds Barred: The only job for the referee is to end the match via pinfall or submission.

The Ultraviolent Championship is comparable to hardcore titles in other promotions, however FMW's ultraviolent division goes far beyond the limits of normal hardcore divisions. Title matches often cause serious damage and injuries to any one in them. Ultraviolent matches normally descend into chaos with the use of weapons being strongly encouraged.


Wanting to create a division to cater to FMW's blood-thirsty fans who craved bone-breaking destruction and uncontrollable bloodshed, Full Metal Wrestling introduced the Ultraviolent Championship at Full Metal 1.4 as its top title for its ultraviolent division. In a 15-Minute Massacre, the Black Covenant's War Machine defeated ten other men to become the first Ultraviolent Champion. At Full Metal 2.1 during the FMW Draft, War Machine was drafted to Anarchy, where the title became the highest ranked championship exclusive to the brand.

The Black Covenant's hold on the title was lost when Drew Michaels defeated War Machine in an Inferno match to become the second champion. As a foreshadow of what was ahead, Michaels overcame several offenses by the Black Covenant to claim his gold.

Michaels would eventually lose the belt to the monsterous X in a match that is remembered by FMW fans as the "Belfast Screwjob". Micheals had to defend the belt against a number of biased stipulations put in place by interim general manager, The Wickedness. With members of Team Dream and the Black Covenant surrounding the ring, X was able to defeat Michaels to claim the championship.

X's reign would be short however, when he defended the belt against both Drew Michaels and John "Doc" Derrick in a triple threat match. In a classic and bloodly match, Derrick walked out the winner, having taken down both the current and former champion. Derrick's first defense proved to be tough when he faced e-wrestling legend and Alchemy general manager, Jaro, at No Holds Barred. In a long and brutal match, Jaro pulled out the win.

As Alchemy general manager, Jaro scheduled his first title defense on the competing Alchemy brand. Jaro defended the title at Ultimatum against X and his manager Saint Michael Dreamkiller in a handicapped match. Jaro was victorious, but the match could easily have been a sham considering Jaro and Dreamkiller joined forces with FMW's most sinful individuals to form Original Sin.


The UV title in all it's glory

Seen as the mastermind behind the Original Sin's formation, Jaro had been on a tear through any opposition to his immortal throne. Confident in his destructive abilities, Jaro issued a 15-Minute Massacre with seven other Anarchy superstars for his Ultraviolent Championship. Jaro claimed several times that this was a match he could not lose and sure enough, at Anarchy 5.3, Jaro was declared the winner of the contest. But so was Nick Bryson. In a controversial finish which saw a double pinfall, Jaro and Nick Bryson were officially announced co-holders of the Ultraviolent Championship. Now the greedy CEO was forced to share his prized possession with an archnemesis, a concept that did not sit well with Jaro. Seemingly getting the best of Jaro in every situation, Bryson became one of the fastest rising superstars in FMW at Jaro's expense. At Supremacy, Jaro defeated Bryson for sole possession of the Ultraviolent Championship.

Current championEdit

The Celt defeated Jack Eastwood and Seth Omega for the vacant title at FMW Mount Vevsius on March 13, 2011.


FMW Ultraviolent Championship Championship
Champion Date Won Notes Defenses
War Machine November 16, 2006 def. Styxx, Syanide, James McDaygo, Homicide, St. N, Trey Spruance, Korran Halycon, The Sublime, and T. Ekstreme in the very first 15-Minute Massacre match def. Syanide at Death Row
Drew Michaels January 26, 2007 def. War Machine in a Inferno match at Anarchy 2.2 def. Adrian O'Rion and Harlequin at Lethal Injection
X June 10, 2007 def. Drew Michaels at Anarchy 5.3 in a match where Showstoppa was the guest referee; known as the Belfast Screwjob def. Drew Michaels at Death Row II
John "Doc" Derrick July 17, 2007 def. Drew Michaels and X in a triple threat at Ground Zero • None
Jaro (First Reign) August 31, 2007 def. John "Doc" Derrick at No Holds Barred def. Slegna at Alchemy 3.3
def. X & St. Michael Dreamkiller at Ultimatum
Jaro and Nick Bryson (Co-Champions) January 24, 2008 became Co-Champions after def. C.G. Smitten, Jack Boice, Romeo Vizzini, James McDaygo, Edible, Smart Mark Johnson, and Trey Spruance in a 15 minute massacre. Jaro is not considered to have "lost" the championship, but is Nick Bryson is recognized as the UV champion simultaneously to Jaro. • Bryson def. Dante Jones at Death Row
• Jaro def. Jack Boice at Anarchy 6.1
Jaro (First Reign) July 21, 2008 def. Nick Bryson at Supremacy for complete ownership of the title • None
Harlequin September 22, 2008 def. Jason Krow, Jaro's new found (and short lived) protége at Anarchy 7.1 def. Matthew P. Dunn at Anarchy 7.3
def. Chris Austin, Hannibal Frost, The Celt, Butters, Guiomar the Barbaric, and Jack Boice in a 15 Minute Massacre Match at Catalyst
Jaro (Second reign) April 27, 2009) def. Harlequiun at Anarchy 8.2 def. Drew Michaels & Harlequin at Ultimatum II (C-4 Championship also on the line)
def. Mark Johansson at Corruption 9.2 (This defence was held within Hostyle's style points tournament to crown a new no.1 contender to the Full Metal Wrestling Championship
def. The Celt at Corruption 9.3
def. Mark Johansson and The Celt at Death Row (2009)
no contest vs. The Celt in a Pandora's Box match at Corruption 10.1
Harlequin (Second Reign) May 2, 2010 def. Jaro at Lethal Injection def. Romeo at Corruption 11.1
Vacant November 20, 2010 • In light of his retirement, Harlequin vacates the title. It is decided the title shall remain in this state until a new champion is crowned at the following PPV; Mount Vesuvius.
The Celt March 9, 2011 def. Jack Eastwood and Seth Omega in a triple threat match. (Celt gained entry into this match by beating Christian G. Smitten and becoming no.1 contender, while Eastwood and Omega were cashing in their title shots they had won at FMW Catalyst by being part of the winning team in the War Games match) def. Jack Eastwood at Corruption 13.2

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