This article is about the tag team championship that was introduced in 2009 as a result of a unification of both the World and Television Tag Team championships; for the original FMW Tag Team Championship, see FMW World Tag Team Championship.

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The Full Metal Tag Team Championship (also referred to as the FMW Undisputed Tag Team Championship) is a professional e-wrestling tag team championship in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). It is the result of the unification of the FMW Television Tag Team Championship and the FMW World Tag Team Championship at Ultimatum II and is currently contested for on all three of FMW's divisions: Ammunition, Corruption, Distortion.


At Ultimatum II O'Rion and partner Jack Eastwood defeated Michael James and Robert Pearson, winning both Tag Team Championships in Full Metal Wrestling. On that night the FMW World Tag Team Championships and the Television Tag Team Championships were merged into the Undisputed Tag Team Championship. After O'Rion retired, Eastwood was given sole control of the championships.

In the first ever defense of the Undisputed Tag Team Championships, Eastwood along with HavOc member Hannibal Frost lost the titles to the team of Skyler Striker and Leon Caprice, together known as Crash Scene. Striker, who was also FMW Abandoned Champion at the time and Caprice proved to be a formidable team given their extensive history as teacher and student, respectively. They eventually charted the longest tag title reign of any sort in FMW history, defeating teams such as Danse Macabre, Faith and Vanguard, and Dunnwood and Hannibal Frost. However, due to Striker's out of ring problems, the team's chemistry began to falter and there was constant bickering which led to some particularly phsyical in-ring confrontations. Despite this, for a long period of time there was no team that could challenge them until the newly-created Wayward Sons (Alex O'Rion and Chris Austin) tried their hand at the tag team division.

After building some momentum after an impressive victory over tag team stalwarts The Broken Saints (Mark Johannson and Seth Omega), the Wayward Sons challenged Crash Scene for the gold. Despite Crash Scene being on the same page and working together effectively, O'Rion and Austin were able to win the titles.

Current championEdit

The current champions are Alex O'Rion and Chris Austin, who defeated Skyler Striker and Leon Caprice at Ammunition 11.2 on July 1st, 2010.

Championship HistoryEdit

As of July 5, 2010.

Champions: Defeated: Event: Notes: Defenses:
(Andrew O'Rion & Jack Eastwood)
Silver Pistols
(Michael James & Robert Pearson)
Ultimatum II
(July 24, 2009)
• Merger of the Full Metal Tag Team Championships with the FMW Television Tag Team Championships
Jack Eastwood officially made a champion with the merger.
• None
Jack Eastwood N/A Post-FMW 9.1
(August 31, 2009)

• Made sole owner of the championship after O'Rion announced his retirement from wrestling.
•This is counted as one continuous reign.

• None
Crash Scene
(Skyler Striker and Leon Caprice)
(Jack Eastwood and Hannibal Frost)
Distortion 9.2
(September 30, 2009)
• None def. Faith & VanGuard at Death Row III
def. Danse Macabre and Dunnwood & Hannibal Frost in a TLC match at Distortion 10.2
The Wayward Sons
(Alex O'Rion and Chris Austin)
Crash Scene
(Skyler Striker and Leon Caprice)
Ammunition 11.2
(July 1, 2010)
• None • None

List of Combined ReignsEdit

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1. Skyler Striker 1 275
1. Leon Caprice 1
2. Jack Eastwood 1 68
3. O'Rion 1 38

List of Individual ReignsEdit

Rank Wrestler # Of Days
1. Skyler Striker 275
1. Leon Caprice
2. Jack Eastwood 68
3. O'Rion 38

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