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Leon Caprice (born July 25, 1985), is an Australian professional wrestler signed to Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), currently wrestling on its Distortion brand. He is best known for his past feud again Mark Johansson and his current reign as FMW Unified Tag Team Champions, alongside Skyler Striker.

Caprice has a large background in puroresu wrestling following several years of training under the guidance of his then teacher Skyler Striker. Caprice signed a contract to FMW Underground, FMW's developmental federation at that time. Following a 3rd place finish in the Mt Vesuvius Preview Match and a tag match involving Johansson, BUG and Jeanson, Caprice was offered a contract to one of FMW's two brands. Caprice was chosen as Alchemy's #18 draft pick in August 2008. Since then Leon has gone onto participating in such tournaments as the Mt Vesuvius match, the C-4 Beat the clock sprint, The Gold Card Gauntlet and most recently the C-4 Tournament. Leon has remained to be one of FMW’s most consistent and resistant wrestlers and continues to improve with every match.

Outside wrestling, Caprice is well-known for his dedication to his family and job. Caprice is married to wife Sarah Caprice, and has one child on the way. Whereas his working career consists of a busy FMW schedule and being the CEO of resources company Entellect Ltd.

Balancing all of these commitments, Leon manages to still be committed in his actions and is always one to be seen looking on the brighter side and taking his opportunities.

FMW Results/ScoresEdit

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
Pending Pending Crash Scene (c) vs. Faith & VanGuard Death Row December, 2009 Tag Team Match for the FMW Tag Team Championship N/A
Win 8-9 Leon Caprice Steven Vangaurd Distortion 9.4 27 November, 2009 Scaffold Match, also proved that Leon wasn't Skyler's shadow 8.6
Loss 7-9 Faith McKenzie Leon Caprice Distortion 9.3 30 October, 2009 Singles match as part of the Style Point Tournament 8.30
Win 7-8 Crash Scene (Skyler Striker & Leon Caprice) HavOc (Hannibal Frost & Jack Eastwood) Distortion 9.2 1 October, 2009 Won FMW Tag Team Championships in Tornado Tag Match. 8.01
Loss 6-8 Chris Austin Leon Caprice Ammunition 9.1 21 August, 2009 1st Round of the C-4 Tournament 8.29
Loss 6-7 Janus Flare Hannibal Frost, Hostyle, Leon Caprice, Apostasy, Mark Johansson, War Machine, Jaxson Horn Ultimatum II 24 July, 2009 The Gold Card Gauntlet 8.39
Loss 6-6 Team O’Rion Team Bryson No Holds Barred 16 June, 2009 Leon was the last man standing for his team, it was only at the hands of both Hostyle and Austin that he was defeated. 8.35
Win 6-5 RCA, Leon Caprice & Mark Johansson Romeo, Michael James & Robert Pearson Alchemy 8.3 15 May, 2009 Three man tag team match. 7.98
zLoss 5-5 Robert Pearson & Michael James (c) Leon Caprice & Mark Johansson Alchemy” 8.2 20 April, 2009 Full Metal Television Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match. 8.15
zWin 5-4 Leon Caprice, Janus Flare and Mark Johansson Wraith, Mass Caesar & Trey Spruance Alchemy 8.1 18 March, 2009 Leon pinned Mass Caesar and in turn was the 1st to qualify for the Gold Card Gauntlet. 8.22
zWin 4-4 Leon Caprice & Marky Mark Alex O’Rion & Retribution Catalyst 9 February, 2009 Tag Team match. 8.20
zWin 3-4 Leon Caprice Robert Pearson Alchemy 7.4 6 January, 2009 Leon proved dominate in this match, although his victory was interrupted by his Catalyst partner in Marky Mark. 8.11
zWin 2-4 Leon Caprice Marky Mark Alchemy 7.3 27 November, 2008 This match was part of the C-4 Beat the Clock Sprint, in which Drew overtook Leon’s time and claimed the title shot. 8.12
zLoss 1-4 Tyrant The other 29 competitors in the Mt Vesuvius Match Circus Maximus 16 October, 2008 Mt Vesuvius Match 7.95
zLoss 1-3 Harlequin Jack Boice, Chris Kelson & Leon Caprice Hayabusa Cup 26 November, 2008 Ring of Wire 8.07
zWin 1-2 Leon Caprice Marky Mark, BUG, Jack Eastwood, Bolton & Jack Hillman Alchemy 7.1 23 September, 2008 Battle Royal, with the winner qualifying for Mt Vesuvius 7.9
zLoss 0-2 Marky Mark & BUG Leon Caprice and Sean Jeanson Lethal Injection 25 August, 2008 Tag Team match. 7.83
zLoss 0-1 Jason Krow 13 other competitors, including Leon Caprice Supremacy 17 July, 2008 Mt V Preview match. This match was contested with the winner qualifying for Mt Vesuvius. 7.18
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 10.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo between e-wrestling competitors.

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