Display of current FMW championships.

The following is a list of all current champions in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), as of February 19, 2019. There are eight active singles championships (including annual accomplishments), divided by FMW's two distinct divisions, Ammunition and Corruption. Ammunition's championships feature the C-4 Division Championship and Television Championship. Corruption's championships feature the Ultraviolent Championship and Abandoned Championship. In addition, FMW features the FMW Tag Team Championship, which is a tag team championship that is defended on both brands as well as the FMW Championship, the premiere heavyweight championship in the promotion. Other annual achievements include the Mount Vesuvius Torch, the Hayabusa Cup, and the Gold Card which are awarded once every season in specialty matchups. The list includes the championship, current champion, the date of win, and notes of the winning bout.


FMW Tag Team Championship
Current champions: Wayward Sons

The FMW Tag Team Championship is FMW's tag team title, being defended on both Ammunition and Corruption. The current champions are the Wayward Sons (Alex O'Rion and Chris Austin), who defeated Crash Scene' Leon Caprice and Skyler Striker at Ammunition on July 1, 2010 for their first reign.

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