Nicholas Gray
Billing information
Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 216 lbs.
Billed From 16px Eternity City
Theme Music "Nobody's Perfect -Hard Boiled JAZZ Edit-" by Koji Kikkawa
Affiliation(s) Grey Inferno
Brand Ammunition
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Style High Flyer/Brawler
Finisher '"Emotional Crash"' (Flying kick to the face from the top rope)

Nicholas Gray is a professional e-wrestler currently signed to Full Metal Wrestling on its Ammunition brand, and is currently one-half of the FMW Tag Team Champions alongside tag team partner, Damien Inferno.

Early LifeEdit

There used to be a super jobber named NM Savant, who was very violent and very stupid. But he's not important to this, and he's quite "dead" now. What is important is Nicholas Gray, who used to be a very violent and very stupid super jobber. Called a failure and a flake. Things change, though. Now, Gray, shouldering the burden of his past and dressing FAR better (in his opinion), has returned and now the impossible has happened. He's won a title. Now, able to call himself a champion, how will NM Savant...Nicholas Gray's, future be shaped? Time to find out.


Coming Soon.

In WrestlingEdit

Championship and AccomplishmentsEdit

FMW Tag Team Championship (1 time; current) - with Damien Inferno

Match RecordEdit

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Full Metal Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
Together Demons
The Gray Inferno (Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray)
Ultimatum III - Current
Succeeded by: