Dante Amaru Jones, also known as "RAMPAGE!", currently wrestles for Full Metal Wrestling.

Early Life/CareerEdit

Dante Amaru Jones; a result of wedlock and cocaine binge by one Yolanda Michaels and Julius Jones. The eldest of two, Dante was pushed into a role of responsibility at a young age as he was charged with looking after his younger brother Alexander Jones. The boy grew during a time of tumult and chaos as his father was a drug dealer coming into prominence during the 80's. Due to this lifestyle, it is often speculated that Julius had abandoned his common law wife and two children, leaving Dante in the position of the man of the house. However, after merely a year of living off her own, Yolanda left the two in the care of her disapproving mother Janie May Jones. A deeply pious woman, Janie or "Big Mama" as Dante often called her, attempt to impart a thirst for knowledge and a sense of honor on the two boys. While Dante took to these ideals rather fetchingly, Alexander remained skeptical and attempted to blaze his own path to the dismay of his family. Dante, however, had been known to exhibit violent tendencies. Reducing a child twice his size to a bloody pulp earned him an anger management program lead by a retired Richmond Police Department Inspector by the name of Hector Mendez.

With Mendez's encouragement and teachings, Jones learned to kickbox as well as becoming proficient in amateur wrestling, judo, and karate. However, tragedy struck just before Jones entered his Freshman year at Richmond High when Mendez was murdered in cold blood. Fueled with a new determination to fight in the memory of his mentor, Jones joined the high school boxing and wrestling teams, leading the school to a total of six NCS (Northern California Schools) Championships and reaching the State level during his junior year. With scholarships and life beyond the harsh reality of the ghetto, Jones had finally had something good in his life. Fate seemed to take Jones in a different direction as he was thrown a curve ball; his grandmother suddenly passed of diabetes. Now given the responsibility to financially support his brother through high school and laden with his grandmother's debt, Jones began to work as Campus Security at Richmond High with a meager salary hardly able to maintain what little he had. Sullen and almost hopeless, Jones came upon an ad for the West Coast Wrestling Connection - an ad that would change his life for the better.

West Coast Wrestling ConnectionEdit

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Full Metal WrestlingEdit

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Wrestling FactsEdit

Finishing and Signature MovesEdit

  • The Rant's End/Thunder Strike (Sitout Chokeslam)
  • Go II Sleep (Inverted Go 2 Sleep)
  • No Apologies (Cobra Clutch Suplex into Rear Naked Choke)
  • Running Riot (Avalanche Muscle Buster)
  • Blue Typhoon (F5) - While in WCWC
  • Stalling Dropkick
  • Enzuigiri
  • Spinebuster
  • Spear
  • Release German Suplex
  • Superkick
  • Shining Wizard

Theme MusicEdit

  • "Momma Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J (Used from WCWC debut in 2000 to WCWC 35: Dark Dayz in 2002; Used during Death Row in FMW.)
  • "Bring Tha Noise" by Anthrax & Public Enemy (Used from WCWC 35: Dark Dayz in 2002 to WCWC 84: Collateral Damage in 2006)
  • "Get Back" by Ludacris & Sum 41 (Used in FMW from founding to Lethal Injection)
  • "Go To Sleep" by Eminem, Obie Trice, & DMX (Used at Alchemy 3.1 to present.)


Championship HistoryEdit

  • WCWC Heavyweight Champion (x2)
  • WCWC Tag Team Champion (With Infinity)

Win/Loss RecordEdit

  • Wins - 6
  • Losses - 6
  • Draws - 0

Match HistoryEdit

Result Partner(s) Opponent(s) Event Date Notes


Adema Aeries

Anarchy 4.3




Alex O'Rion & SPARTA (Drew Michaels, & Nick Bryson)

Black Covenant (Ethan Black& Adrian) & SoCal Connection (Korran Halycon & The Sublime)

No Holds Barred




Dr. David Diabolical

Ground Zero




Alex O'Rion

Dr. David Diabolical & Adrian, Commedia Dell'Arte (Harlequin & Mercutio, and Jaro & Sheepster

Alchemy 3.4


Ladder match for brief case; contents including a guaranteed shot at the Full Metal Championship. Ultimately won by Dr. David Diabolical & Adrian.


30 FMW Stars

Circus Maximus


Mt. Vesuvius Match to determine Number One Contender to Full Metal Championship, Entered 9th - Eliminated 22nd; Ultimately won by Drew Michaels.


Alex O'Rion

Alchemy 3.1




Ethan Black, Alex O'Rion, Andrew O'Rion, X, SoL, and War Machine

Lethal Injection


Full Metal Championship


Andrew O'Rion

X and Lucas Drago w/Ethan Black

Anarchy 2.4




Andrew O'Rion

Alchemy 2.2


Number One Contendership for Full Metal Championship.


Showstoppa and Diddly Fusion

Lucas Drago, Red Dragon, and Dr. David Diabolical

Full Metal Wrestling 2.1




Andrew O'Rion

Death Row


Quater-Finals in the Road To Glory Tournament to determine the first Full Metal Champion; ultimately won by Ethan Black



Full Metal Wrestling 1.3


Second Round in the Road To Glory Tournament to determine the first Full Metal Champion


Diddly Fusion

Full Metal Wrestling 1.1


First Round in the Road To Glory Tournament to determine first Full Metal Champion.

Past Promo Scores (5.0 Max)Edit

  • No Holds Barred - N/A
  • Ground Zero - 4.57
  • Alchemy 3.4 - N/A
  • Circus Maximus - 4.25
  • Alchemy 3.1 - 4.70
  • Lethal Injection - 4.58
  • Anarchy 2.4 - 4.33
  • Alchemy 2.2 - 4.00
  • Full Metal Wrestling 2.1 - 4.40
  • Death Row - 4.47
  • Full Metal Wrestling 1.3 - 4.38
  • Full Metal Wrestling 1.1 - 4.31

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